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Discover sustainable elegance with our fashion brand, where style meets conscience. Embracing eco-friendly practices, we craft each piece with care, using natural materials and sustainable initiatives. Join us in shaping a brighter future for fashion, one conscious choice at a time.

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We believe in taking the initiative towards sustainable production that benefits both people and the environment. Our mission is to encourage the basics of ethical and eco-friendly clothing while focusing on zero-waste production as much as possible. We try to use more natural materials such as silk, wool & cotton. These Sustainable materials are not only gentle on the environment but also comfortable and long-lasting. We also have a home decor section featuring interior decor and art. Additionally, we specialize in creating products through upcycling textile waste and discarded cloth.

We work closely with local artisans who share our values and bring their skills and expertise to our products. Our production process is transparent, and efficient, reducing waste and maximizing value.

By choosing our brand, you are not only making a statement about your style but also your commitment to a better future for fashion. You are joining a community of conscious consumers who believe that fashion can be beautiful, ethical, and sustainable.



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Core Values

Guided by our core values, we shape the future of excellence

Upcycled Fashion

Upcycled Fashion

Turning old threads into new trends

Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion

Crafting timeless pieces with care

Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Crafting Fashion with Nature’s Touch


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Amrita has a career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur, showing great interest in sustainable initiatives.

Her path into sustainable fashion began when she became aware of the fashion industry’s massive environmental impact. She couldn’t ignore the tremendous waste and environmental impact of rapid fashion. She launched Tantav from her house, equipped with a sewing machine and a determination to do things differently.

Tantav was a growing brand because of her commitment and hard work, but life took an unexpected turn when she found the love of her life, fell in love, married, and soon brought their first child into the world. She missed her brand’s originality, unique products, and the impact she made on the world.

A spark of inspiration kindled within her one day while looking through old designs and fabric swatches she had stashed away. Amrita recognized that her passion for sustainable fashion had not died. She decided to make a comeback with increased motivation and the help of a friend.

That is how Woven Dreams was established, not only out of a love of fashion and the environment but also as a monument to the fortitude of women who could balance their roles as moms, wives, and business owners.

She continued to design beautiful, eco-friendly clothing, and her comeback was praised not only for her designs but also for her inspiring story. She demonstrated that a fulfilling family life could sustainably coexist with a successful profession.


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