Bawshonto (Hand Painted Canvas)


Canvas Size: 12 * 16 inch

This hand-painted canvas art is a testament to the timeless allure of tradition and the perpetual renewal of nature. BAWSHONTO/VASANT invites you to embrace the beauty of cultural fusion and the eloquence of the changing seasons.

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Bawshonto: Explore the alluring realm of BAWSHONTO/VASANT, where art becomes a celebration of the timeless beauty and grace of women adorned in sarees amidst a tapestry of blooming flowers. This hand-painted canvas masterpiece captures the essence of femininity, blending the vibrancy of nature with the elegance of traditional attire.

Artistic Details:
The canvas captures the essence of two seasons – “Bawshonto” (Bengali for Spring), weaving a narrative of beauty and renewal. The women in sarees are depicted with meticulous attention to detail, each fold and drape telling a story of grace and fragrant spring.

Placement Suggestions:

This hand-painted canvas is perfect for spaces that crave a touch of elegance and a dash of whimsy. Whether adorning the walls of a living room, bedroom, or a chic office. It serves as a captivating focal point, sparking conversations and inspiring admiration.

Material Used: 

Canvas Sheet- 100% cotton

Paint: Canvas Paints

Frame: 1/2 inch Wood Colour Frame

Other materials used: framing materials like cardboard, glass etc

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions43 × 22 × 2.5 cm
Canvas art

Bawshonto (Hand Painted Canvas)


1 in stock